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Since 1999 my family has been committed to a global and certified sustainable development of the wine estate affecting the vines, winemaking, buildings, resource management, equipment and supplies. Having also opted for jewelry, I had to wonder about the fact that a jeweler works with precious metals whose deposits are often exploited at the expense of the environment and local populations and that the manufacture itself sometimes uses products. questionable. I wondered a lot about the recycling of metals, the creation of recovered materials, the manufacturing process.

In Edinburgh I met Ian Nicholson, a goldsmith jeweler who explained to me at length his approach with the Fairtrade and Fairmined labels which guarantee a certain ethics in the extraction of metals. A very enriching meeting thank you!
“Responsible sourcing and transparent supply chains are essential in today’s world. We use Fairmined, Fairtrade and Single Mine Origin gold and silver as well as working with gemstone companies who ensure their supply chains are exploitation free. ” – Ian Nicholson

I also discovered the Agosi company in Pforzheim, which offers another solution by recovering and recycling tiny precious metal components contained in electronic devices.

I want to use as much as possible of materials whose origin is known to me, I am looking for the most respectful techniques and products (processing and packaging) possible. My work context is already ecological and I want to go even further in this direction since I have a straw-clay workshop project.