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The spring 2020 pandemic confines me in Katzenthal without access to my usual raw materials, and the vines leave me to rest for a while, what to do? Browse the wine cellar, tidy up the workshop… the harvest is good! Bolts, gaskets, plastics & other mishmash !

Check out the upcycling series here!

You can also do it too, since the practice of upcycling is to add value to used objects or products by giving them new life, a new meaning! and this period is conducive to changing points of view. It’s your turn ! If you need advice on making fasteners, earrings, etc., don’t hesitate to contact me, we can create a real circular economy …

Uupcycling, making new from old, but with an improvement in quality for the final product. This term was invented by Reiner Pilz an interior designer, he opposed upcycling to downclycling: the traditional recycling “which destroys everything”, to upcylcing “where unused products gain value instead of losing them. ”. An interesting ecological gesture, it makes it possible to reuse already existing material without creating a new product from scratch. This saves energy and raw materials.

All this favors the creation of unique, rare objects, in limited series and totally rooted in the “terroir” of collection, for me between workshop and cellar! My earrings are in “Macon gaskets” used to make the pipes watertight during winemaking … Metal discs, abandoned pieces of plastic, packaging, synthetic pipes have thus become jewels to be worn in an uninhibited and joyful manner. Installed in a box, they are interchangeable thanks to solid silver fasteners.