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The Covid confines me without access to my precious raw materials, and the vine leaves me to rest for a while, what can I do ? Wander in the wine cellar, the workshop, the garden, tidy up here and there and the harvest is good! Bolts, seals, plastics and other bits & bobs ! It’s the upcycling series to discover here!

And you can do it too since the practice of upcycling is to enhance used objects or products by giving them a new life, a new meaning! and this period is favorable for changes of point of view. It’s your turn !

Upcycling literally means “to recycle from above”, to make new with old, but with a gain in quality for the final product. This term was invented by Reiner Pilz an interior designer, he opposed upcycling to downclycling: traditional recycling “which destroys everything”, upcylcing “ unused products that gain value instead of losing ”

I have chosen to share my approach with you because I consider that upcycling is an important ecological gesture and therefore has a positive impact on the environment. Reusing existing material while avoiding creating a new product from scratch. This saves energy and raw materials. This promotes the creation of unique, rare objects and limited series such as my Macon joint earrings used for in the cellar …

Upcycling is accessible to everyone, get started now! Responsible practice, recovering waste, with little or no energy expended, upcycling has everything to impose itself in the future. If this practice is still relatively confidential, you can participate in making it better known and why not make it a real circular economic sector as recycling has become?