Pinot Noir Magnum

My first wine: pinot noir 2018 in magnum limited series !

This Pinot noir is unique because it is the first harvest of a young vine of 3 years, we will never do the same again! Stepped by foot, pressed by hand, bottled magnum and sealed with wax, it comes in 3 versions.

Vintage 2017 my first wine!

Our wines are certified organic (Ecocert) and dynamic (Demeter)



This rare and unique wine combines finesse and concentration of a small and first harvest on a vine of 3 years. Coming from a clay-limestone soil in the place called Hinterburg, raised in barrels without the addition of yeasts or sulfur, maceration of whole grapes then aging along fine lees. Bottled without filtration it is naturally stable and long-lasting. Total sulfur 15mg / l, residual sugars 1,3gr / l. Wine certified organic by Ecocert and biodynamic by Demeter. Vintage 2018.
This is my first wine grown with my father Clément KLUR who passed on to me his vines. To mark this particular moment we have bottled it in magnum bottles of a liter and a half and sealed with wax in August 2019. It is Tack-tack like tchin tchin, to your health and to ours!)

Referenced in guide des meilleurs vins de France RVF 2021: “The red comes from a three-year-old vineyard on the clay-limestone hillside of Hinterburg. This very velvety wine is also concentrated, with abundant but fine tannins. » rated Favorite / 91”

Pinot Noir MAGNUM comes in three versions, all sealed with wax
– the one with the big Tack & Glou stamp is made in Colmar by the designer Stempelfabrik
– the one personalized by the winemaker “By Elisa Klur”, each drawing is unique, and it is a small series made by hand and numbered of course!
– the one to personalize by your care, an empty space allows you to write your wishes, sweet words, messages before offering it!
Please specify in which version you want to buy, all are numbered

more information here:  SPECIFICATION SHEET