Appel d’Air

This high-altitude riesling is a real breath of fresh air !

Clean, lively, dry and invigorating. No filtration, no added sulfites. Vintage 2017. Pairs beautifully with sea food.

Our wines are certified organic (Ecocert) and dynamic (Demeter)




Appel d’Air – Altitude riesling

Some infos :

Referenced in the guide des meilleurs vins de France RVF 2022: “The Ô Grand R riesling combines freedom of expression and correctness of definition. » Rated 92

Strange name for a wine ? this plot is located even higher than the granite terroir of Grand Cru Wineck Schlossberg but right next to it and well exposed. This plot overlooks the village and the Alsace plain. Some days we can even see the summits of the Swiss Alps. It is always a breath of fresh air to work there, bordered by hedges and woods. Acacias,  chestnut trees, and birds helps us a little…
Story: also on 2 mica granite soil like the neighboring Grand Cru, this plot is very steep and hard to work. The wine took a long time to ferment and become totally dry. It is a straight, clean and dry riesling !
Our suggestions: everything that comes from the sea, from shells to seaweed and fish.

And more:
– temperature : 12°
– quantity: 1000 bottles
– technical info: bottle 75 cl, cork. Own yeast,  no filtration, no sulfites added, organic, biodynamic certified by Ecocert & Demeter

more information here:  SPECIFICATION SHEET