Pet en l’air

PET en l’air, a natural sparkling wine.

17,00 TTC

The PET NAT (“pétillant naturel”), sparkling natural unfiltered, unsulfated, bottled during fermentation. Fresh, delicate muscat-like bouquet. To enjoy from breakfast to bedtime!

Our wines are certified organic (Ecocert) and dynamic (Demeter)

Delivery at home for a 6 bottle box the price includes packaging and transport for France and Germany but other destinations are possible, contact us for the best price.



Some more information:

Why this name ? PET is part of the abbreviation for sparkling natural wine (pétillant naturel), but the name PET EN L’AIR was inspired by an 18th century novel included in the famous treatise of the Art of Pêter in the Louis Pariente Editions. The story of the prince and the queen of the Amazons was dedicated to serious and austere people… this wine will bring joy and lightness!!
The wine origin: we kept a small plot of muscat d’Alsace and we have combined the grapes with riesling from the top of the slope of the Wineck-Schlossberg for a crispy and fresh taste. During the fermentation in November we manually bottled the wine and left it in the cool cellar during the winter. It has developed beautiful aromas of muscatel and the freshness of riesling on granite soils.

Our suggestions: enjoy it from breakfast to bedtime, or for aperitifs in the afternoon at the pool.

And also:
– temperature: around 10
– quantity: 1000 bottles but less and less
– technical information: 75 cl bottle, champagne type, capsule, muselet. Native yeasts, unfiltered, unsulfated, bottled during fermentation, which he continues at his own pace, disgorged by hand in April 2018

more information here:  SPECIFICATION SHEET