« Macon D-40 »

Everything is already before our eyes, you just have to look differently.

These earrings are made from Macon D-40 rubber usually used for cellar work

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They are part of a kit of earrings made of different modular recycled elements as well as a pair of clasps in 925 silver, the whole kit was made in my workshop during confinement.

Upcycling is the act of recovering objects that we no longer use in order to transform them, rethink them, give them a second life!

During the confinement in 2020, I set myself the goal of creating jewelry from elements that I find around me because the raw material is running out, so let’s be creative and do with what we have on hand! After a quick tour of my father’s workshop and the cellar of course, I found bolts, gaskets and pieces of plastic!

I propose here to take a new look at these lost objects.