Saccharomyces Ring

Is there a link between jewelry & wines ?

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A ring with organic cuts inspired by the shapes of saccharomyces, which are small workers essential to transform grapes juice into wine! I thought it was important to showcase them in the form of a jewel

These are handmade rings which makes each piece unique


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A tribute to Saccharomyces (cerevisiae), the good yeasts that naturally transform sugar into alcohol during the wine-making process. They are present on the skin of the grapes that are in the vineyards, are managed healthily, and are brought back to the cellar during the harvest.

There, they get to work, without any addition! They need a good cellar, a good temperature and the confidence of the winemaker… some are slow, others extremely fast… However, I remain zen! And so far they have never done me wrong!

Thank you Saccharomyces!

The jewels presented in the pictures are displayed on tartar crystals that form in the wooden barrels during the winemaking process. This is the favorable environment in which the yeasts and bacteria  develop and work in the wine

Manufacturing and materials:

This jewelry is made of recycled brass The metal is openworked with a jeweler’s saw, cut with a very thin blade (which tends to break, but it happens to even the most experienced jewelers, I reassure you). The cuts are then filed and the earrings are finely polished.


Your order will be custom made to fit your finger size, Delay 2-3 weeks

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Also available in as a pinky-ring (to put on the little finger)