The vine tendril is like an ampersand (&), it creates a link !

The natural part of selected tendrils combined with a handmade silver fibula, is a unique jewelry that can be worn as a brooch, a tie clip or a hat jewelry. The vine has several tendrils enabling it to clutch into the rough surfaces and grow.


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Mounted on a silver fibula handmade in my studio and which is very sober and in contrast with the baroque appearance of the plant, the fiber of the vine remains visible since the tendril is in its natural state. Each model is unique and can be worn as a brooch, on the shoulder, in the back, on a hat or lapel.

Do not resist the vineyard!

More than 700 sensory sensors have been identified in plants that make them hypersensitive and highly informed beings! The interest for the living in my plastic research directed me towards the tendrils of the vines, these specialized ends which allow the plant to hang on, to adapt permanently to the environment, to interact with the neighbors, to create connections like ampersands in the written language. During the winter this part of the vine becomes woody, becomes very hard and resistant and freezes all the fascinating forms of a year of growth. The vine is a great and exciting vine that ends up invading you. These tendrils were collected in family vines grown without any input and are 2018 vintage

The Fibula is delivered at home in a kraft box wrapped in precious paper and the price includes packaging and shipping.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm