Air de famille

AIR DE FAMILLE, family resemblance?

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Pinot noir, This 2017 vintage is delicious, fruity, with a beautiful ruby color. Also from the Hinterburg location like the vintages before, it is the same family

Our wines are certified organic (Ecocert) and dynamic (Demeter)

Delivery at home for a 6 bottle box the price includes packaging and transport for France and Germany but other destinations are possible, contact us for the best price.



AIR DE FAMILLE, family resemblance?

Some info:
Why this name? This wine is in the family tradition of our Pinot Noir, all without filtration or added sulfites for the past 10 years but… it has something more: the entire grapes were fermented, and we pressed them by hand in a small wood press after a not too long fermentation. And we also added the grapes that grow up into the trees that grow on the edge of our garden…. picked up with a ladder!
Its history: a wine from the limestone clay soil of the Hinterburg, which is located in the area of the geological fracture of the Piedmont Vosges. Aging in Barriques (2 to 3 years old). Bottled in July 2018  without filtration and Schweffel addition.
 Our suggestions: It gives warmth to the heart, so open a bottle at every opportunity

And also:
– Temperature: Ambient, can also be somewhat cooler
– Quantity: 1000 Bottles
– Technical info: 75 cl bottle, Cork. Native yeast, unfiltered, no sulfites added

more information here:  SPECIFICATION SHEET