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lost wax casting technique ?

For those curious about the lost wax casting technique: Lost wax is a process in which the molten metal replaces, by melting, a wax model placed in a mold. This method is known at least since the fourth millennium BC. J.C Nahal Mishmar, Palestine, has found lost-wax copper objects dating back from this period. What is the advantage of this technique? It allows the casting of complex parts in one piece (without soldering) with great precision in the details. Step 1: Realization of the first piece. A wax model made by...


The fact that a jeweler works with precious metals which are exploited most often at the expense of the environment and local populations preoccupies me. It is possible to work with recycled gold and silver or to move towards the creation of jewelry in recycled materials, thereby offering them a second life. I discovered a company in Pforzheim named Agosi which proposes a solution that respects the environment by recovering and recycling the tiny precious metal components contained in electronic devices, and the Fairmined * label guarantees a...