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The lost wax technique is one of my favorite techniques. It is a process in which molten metal replaces, by melting it, a wax model placed in a mold. This method has been known at least since the 4th millennium BC. J.C. in jewelry and it is fascinating. The advantage of this technique is to cast complex parts in one piece (without welding) with great precision in details. By letting myself be inspired by the vegetal shapes of the vine, I materialized my project on paper and then...


The vine tendril is a striking phenomenon and one that inspires me every time I am working in a vine plot. It has a green color,  a little soft in spring, and firm and determined in summer, brown and very solid during fall. It usually stays on the strings even after pruning, and that's when I pluck the nicest, lignified, and wood-strong ones, to turn them into pins. If you are curious to see what it looks like, it's over here! The tendril allows some plants (bean, clematis,...


Since 1999 my family has been committed to a global and certified sustainable development of the wine estate affecting the vines, winemaking, buildings, resource management, equipment and supplies. Having also opted for jewelry, I had to wonder about the fact that a jeweler works with precious metals whose deposits are often exploited at the expense of the environment and local populations and that the manufacture itself sometimes uses products. questionable. I wondered a lot about the recycling of metals, the creation of recovered materials, the manufacturing process. In...