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Contained worlds


Life is fascinating especially in its microscopic components. In my research on this very small world, which can be as precious and fine as the indeed visible one, I was particularly interested in the bacteria, those of the daily life, that we carry on us.
Designing a jewel that highlights these personal microorganisms has preoccupied me during the spring of 2019. My design is that of a culture of bacteria contained in a broach of contemporary design. The glass box is illuminated by a small LED battery system, particularly attractive in a night atmosphere. It can be worn as a classic broach, pendant, or on the hip or shoulder. These are our own microorganisms put on display and the composition is ephemeral.
The development was made from a bacteriological source (that can be found in our daily environment) in a favorable environment (a mixture of proteins, sugar and water). Once these two elements are placed in the petri dish, the transformation begins.
This jewel is customizable since the wearer can insert his/her own bacteriological strain taken from their own hand and after a few days, a unique jewel that brings to the view of all a part of his/ her private life is born.
Silver plate, petri dish, spring crimp for opening, battery light


10 September 2019