By Elisa Klur

Tackglou / By Elisa Klur

I grew up on a biodynamic winemaking estate Vignoble Klur in Katzenthal near Colmar in Alsace. Today, it is an “éco-lieu” an organic place to live, where different activities take place, including viticulture, an ephemeral bistro, festive events.

I took over the wine business alongside my father Clément Klur, we develop a range of 5 natural wines per year on a surface of 1.5h of vines on two soils, one clay-limestone, the other granite. The jewelry workshop is also installed on the “éco-lieu”.
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My schooling at the Mathias Grunewald school in Colmar, Rudolf Steiner pedagogy initiated me very early to the work of iron, wood, modeling, painting. A Bachelor degree in Fine Arts / Visual Arts at the University of Strasbourg in 2017 combined with ceramics, painting, sculpture workshops; I finally decided to focus on metal work and I was admitted to the Goldschmiedschule in Pforzheim in 2018. I discover all the techniques of jewelry as well as the most diverse materials and appropriate technical tools. The training alternates technical learning and research work around creative projects.

In August 2019 I am officially an agricultural farmer ready to harvest the 2019 vintage and I start a small range of jewelry based on the techniques I’m currently studying. A range that will expand in line with my convictions in the direction of contemporary eco-designed jewelry.